Getting Started

Hello! My name is Bea, and I am extremely very new to the whole world of blogging! But I have a love for sewing and the vintage revival. I have a much loved friend (as kwirky as me, we make a right pair!) who seems to think that I can craft a dress from a load of multicoloured cotton is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Anyway, last night, sat up with a glass of wine and reading other people’s blogs for tips on my next project, I made the startling decision to start my own! Crazy person that I am. I can barely use facebook let alone a blogging platform! 

So, that’s why I’m here. I am a uni student, read: skint. permanently! with a sewing machine in my wardrobe and a growing selection of fabrics under my bed that I am determined to use. I am a vintage lover who needed to learnt to make clothes fit my shape at an early age and who hates excessively low cut tops, but also high necklines, and hates short skirts! Trying to find clothes that fit my criteria are few and far between. 

There is something so satisfying about making your own items of clothing though, isn’t there? That little beaming leprechaun sat next to you going, you made that! Knowing that there is always more to learn, more techniques, more places to discover totally awesome fabrics at, more styles you can learn to make. Of course, when you get to the point where your wardrobe is actually bursting it is probably time to pull back. Luckily for me, I’m not that good at blouses yet. That is my aim. To be good at blouses by the time I start uni next year. 

For now though, I can make wiggle dresses and my first wear-outable dress I made was for a superhero-dress up party as part of my freshers. I’m a raging feminist I’m afraid, and was really not up for wearing a leotard with cat ears and a whip or something equally uncomfortable. So I went as Peggy Carter from Captain America (yes I know, she isn’t a superhero, but I think she is brilliant!) and made myself a burgundy dress in the same style as the red one she wears when Steve is recruiting the Howling Commandos.


So on the left here, is Peggy Carter in her amazing dress, and on the right is me in my rather poor imitation! However, I chose burgundy because it meant I would be able to wear it again in more situations. I am wearing it for Christmas Day actually!

This weekend, I am attempting a full skirted dress using different components of the five patters I own with a hidden zip… never done a hidden zip or a full skirt before so should be rather interesting! 

I’m sorry for the rather long introductory post, but I do tend to ramble on a bit! 


Simply Bea 🙂


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