Big Blue Bows

My latest project was a nice, blue full skirted dress (In theory). I was so terribly excited about it! I had big plans for a big skirt with a petticoat and nice neat seams that didn’t ever fray….

Nice, aren’t they. Dreams. In reality, I am extremely dissatisfied with this dress – everything is wonky, the pattern pretty much went out the window and I ended up with no sleeves and a huge pretty bow on the belt. Which I actually really do like.

The complete dress

I have learnt my lesson though – Always use a proper pattern. I didn’t. I have four patterns that are really not designed to be used together. But I tried anyway, valiantly attempting to save my dress. I used the pattern from the blouse for the bodice (forgetting that said pattern does not have darts) and literally just cut about one and a half meters of fabric for the skirt that I pleated on one side. I’m pretty sure at one point, the skirt resembled a pair of curtains! However, I think it turned out ok. I am going to have to bite the proverbial bullet and just buy the correct pattern though (not that I mind doing that, in fact, I’m rather excited about it!).

I wanted a round neckline with a navy peter pan collar and, I wasn’t too far off… the neckline is a little bit more v-neck than intended but I realised halfway through that the neckline I had just looked ridiculous! And while the plan was for buttons down the front middle of the bodice, I think the little bow makes it look better personally. And I usually don’t like bows!


I was proud of the belt however. Its a four inch width of navy satin with a strip of iron on interfacing down the middle (because I didn’t have anything else to support it with. ALWAYS check supplies before starting!) and a whopping great bow on the back. i couldn’t get hold of a buckle, which I am glad of in hindsight, and my poppers have decided to up and walk – so I ended up putting two bright blue buttons in behind the bow to hold the belt together. Dress looks a bit empty without the bow.

Big Bow

There is always that point when I make something, that I hate it. That I can’t perceive how in hardy’s name I am going to be able to make this pile of fabric in front of me resemble a dress. That is when it is time to pack up and finish it another day. For me, with this dress, it arrived just after I had stitched all of my big pieces together and taken the skirt up to knee height. I did the whole, holding it up against yourself with a mouthful of pins (I really want a my-sized mannequin) attempting to resize it. I ended up having to take each side seam in at least an inch and then later, once the zip was sewn in, take another few centimetres in the darts. It was such a palava!

However, I have finished it! And have adjusted decided to simply purchase a good dress pattern where the bodice is in one whole section. And I have decided on my next present, but given how they are all Christmas presents, I don’t think I should disclose such information here :p

I love Christmas! And one of my friends has a birthday directly after xmas so I am planning on a big, handmade gift for her 🙂

Happy Sewing



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