IT IS OFFICIALLY DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!! Up goes the tinsel, and the baubles… and the panic sets in. WHAT do I get everyone for Christmas?

This year, I’ve done a bit of a mix. Bought pressies for some family members, and then, for my wonderful uni flatmates, I’ve used some of my seemingly endless yet useless fabric supplies to make them little tree decorations 🙂

20131210_221119For flatmate A, I made the little gingerbread man out of two pieces of felt with a smaller layer of felt to pad him out a bit. It was actually by far the easiest and most relieving to get around too! Overstitch the whole way round 🙂 After fiddly, trying to stuff then close the wound without it looking silly things, overstitch the whole way round was easy! Then a small face, consisting of two eyes and a big smile, a bow arund his neck and a couple of gumdrop buttons and I was set. Flatmate A loves gingerbread. We have a german market in town at the moment, and she came back enthusing about the gingerbread stall!. Glad to say it was well received :).


For flatmate B, it certainly took a while! I had to restart three times because the owl looked more like an igloo at one point… but I’m pleased with how it turned out 🙂 Turns out an OVAL and not a CIRCLE is the answer! Anyway, she likes Harry Potter, so I tried to make her a little Hedwig toy 🙂 It was actually deceptively simple, once I had worked out how to do it! Always the way though hey! Although, the owl is sleeping because I am not too great at eyes yet, especially owl eyes…

20131210_221705 20131210_221713


Flatmate C, loves pink. As in, seriously loves it! And she always has a vase of flowers in her room. I used the page on ‘Floribunda’ from Mary-Jane Baxter’s Chic on a Shoestring (Awesome book!) to make her a 10 cm two-toned pink flower, which I actually really rather like, and may have to make more of! 

20131210_221150 20131210_221155


Flatmate D is a little bit of a mystery to me if I’m honest. She is lovely, really sweet and seems to like pretty and quirky things, so I made her a little hanging bird in some of my favourite spotted cotton. I, stupidly, did not bring my stuffing to uni with me, so it has been stuffed with scraps of other materials. This was the fiddly, trying to close up the gap I was talking about. It certainly took a few attempts! But I am extremely pleased with the result, and can think of a few others to make these for next year!



I am feeling rather pleased with myself I must admit. I’ll let you into a sneaky secret: I made most of these watching Jon Pertwee’s Doctor. And I think they turned out alright!

I have also taken to wrapping presents up in fabric – it gives it a bit more of a quirky feel, uses up scraps of fabric and looks cute! So why not? I have a friend who wraps everything up in brown paper and string, because it looks sweet! 

I love Christmas! 

I have one more present I need to make, but its a christmas/birthday present, and her birthday isn’t until after Christmas, so it may be my next post! 

Have a fabulous Christmas guys!! 




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