I AM TOTALLY NOT OLD ENOUGH FOR THIS! AT ALL! WHATSOEVER! If you need me I’ll be in my cushion fort, colouring pictures of fairies.

I have just signed a contract for a house to live in during second year. By-the-by, this is WAY to early! I mean, I’ve only been at uni for what, three? Four? months?? I am simply NOT MATURE ENOUGH to be signing on a house, paying a deposit and generally deciding what to do with my life. So. That happened Monday. But its ok, I like the people I am going to live with, and one of them is most definitely mature enough to keep us all in line. I have the attic. Purely so I can make a sign for my door saying ‘BEWARE: MADWOMAN IN THE ATTIC’… I am sure the novelty will wear off soon. As of yet…nope, that is still super exciting!

Yesterday I had a ‘Transition Meeting’ with my personal tutor. You know, the standard: have you made friends, how do you find the course. What do you want to do with your life. That one – that one kinda stumped me. I’m a first year. I haven’t even thought of what my life plan is yet! I AM NOT MATURE ENOUGH FOR THIS. My Life Plan is currently: To Come Up With A Life Plan That Does Not Involve Joining a Theatre Group as a Wardrobe Assistant.

Golly, this is all too exciting for me. I can’t cope….

The other night, I got bored, so I made a tablet case from an old summer dress. It’s not fancy, but it also needs no decorations because the fabric itself is just so damn bright! That is my life at uni. That and watching classic Doctor Who’s. I lead such an exciting life. And you know what.

I love it 🙂




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