Summer Sewing!

A few weeks ago, I was in a charity bookshop in Cheltenham (second favourite place in the whole of Gloucestershire) and they had a load of patterns, tucked away in the back corner. I ended up buying five or six amazing patterns for about £3! Such a good day.

I have a new pledge:


I bought so much fabric last week, and tried my usual trick of mixing two patterns. With absolutely disastrous results! Luckily I had enough fabric to scrap what I had made and try again!

I used a Style 1760 pattern (View 5) from 1976 which is basically a high necked, full sleeved, knee length flared dress. Except, I had to use the one without sleeves, because I didn’t have quite enough fabric for that!!


Usual, cut pattern, sew pattern. It was actually really simple to construct! It was great. I even stuck to the pattern to the point of using the facing (brilliant stuff, why have I never used it before?!). I did however, encounter rather a problem with the neckline. The neckline of the dress was incredibly high! It was practically a choker. Somehow, and I am actually not sure how, I managed to rip the front of the neckline, so improvisation was needed. By some happy accident, I had also miscut the neck facing into two pieces as opposed to one, so I simply adjusted the neckline to a  split collar (I think, might have been keyhole) and created an extra bit of facing. Whoohoo! Challenge 1 overcome!


Challenge 2 came in the form of – I had purchased the wrong length zip… clever Bea. The zip I had was about 4 inches too short for the gap indicated on the pattern. Out of necessity, I introduced a big blue button and ribbon buttonhole to the top of the back, which held the two back pieces in the right place after I had put the zip in. There is still a large gap between zip ending and the top of the back piece, but it looks a little more deliberate. I hope!


At the fitting stage, because I don’t make toiles very often, I did have to take all seams in about a cm each to make it fit me, and it is still slightly too big. Finish with a pink voile belt though, and I am ready to take this dress on my summer holiday!! :L





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