Burgundy Slacks

I attempted to make a pair of trousers once, ages ago… lets just say it didn’t turn out well at all. But! We wouldn’t learn unless we tried again! I approached this project with something akin to Everest-Level determination and a liberal dose of trepidation. 


I stumbled across the pattern while waiting for My best friend – Penny- to choose the fabric for her dress. It looked simple, and sort of resembled the capri pant/cigarette trousers of the 1950’s. I bought fabric and got started as soon as I got home!

I don’t suppose anyone else has problems with the pattern sizes? Are you supposed to cut the pattern based on the ‘ease of fit’, because I cut a 12, thinking that it would be the right size (according to my hip measurements) but I ended up taking it in two inches around the waist.  All in all, this was a very simple, four piece pattern, but I couldn’t work out how to reduce the fullness across the hips – so long as I stand straight, its fine, but the fabric bunches up otherwise. 


I was most dubious about the waistband, but I think that was actually the easiest bit! 


My next project is a Prom Dress for one of my 6th form level friends, and a summer dress for Penny… As well as a piece of coursework due Monday and six exams to revise for! I need to stop saying yes to people during busy times….



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