Pattern Stash

Hello! Its exam time, which means no new projects, despite a serious desire to drag my machine out and use the fabulous green spotted satin I found in the bargin bucket the other day. But no, I must be strong! I have given my sewing machine to a flatmate, so I actually can’t make anything.

So! I figured I’d find something else to post about, and I decided to share with you my wonderful (not that extensive) pattern collection!

I call this my ‘modern lot’


And these are my ‘awesome old patterns’


I think my favourite pattern to make has to be the Style 1141, my first ever pattern was the lisette, and the one I can’t wait until my exams are done to make are all the rest :p I have a summer ball coming up, and I need to decide what to make!


I don’t really have storage for them… these patterns end up either sharing the shelf with my extensive DVD collection, or resting atop my record player. I have too many to just slot into my magazine file now! Oops. 🙂

Happy Sewing! (unless you are bound into an eternal, dizzying hurricane of textbooks and lined paper, like I am. In which case, all the best and I hope you survive the exam period!



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