Travel Fabric!

So, this summer, Penny and I are going to Europe, travelling – well, I say travelling… we are ‘travelling Bea&Penny Style’ which means we are going to Paris, Berlin, Rome, Florence and Venice before returning to England.

We wanted some super awesome passport covers, and yesterday, I finally found the most awesome travel fabrics!


The blue one is really quirky and childish, ergo, I love it! 100% cotton, so will be easy enough to manipulate. I’m thinking, some red lining maybe? Or light blue? maybe I will make one light blue, one with red!


The black and white one, well. I saw it and loved it. I’m not sure what I will be doing with that most fabulous piece of cotton, thinking perhaps a t-shirt, have a plain grey back with the patterned front kind of thing… but I may do anything! No idea just yet….


Happy sewing!

Bea xx


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