Purple Blouse

I was going through some pictures the other day (procrastinating like a pro!) and I came across some of a project I made at christmas. SO I figured, you guys can have a sewing post this week!

A while ago, back when I first got into sewing, one of my best friends gave me one of her grandma’s shirt patterns and asked me to make her a shirt. I agreed, but exams, and life, and all sorts of other things meant it go forgotten, until I got to uni (when I am supposed to be worrying about studies, and life and all sorts of other things). I decided that I should probably make it and return the pattern to her…


It was an 1980’s pattern for a victorian style shirt, I can’t remember the pattern number, only that the origional featured ruffles, and lace, and I thought it would look silly so refused to put any of it on. It was my first attempt at a shirt. It was a size 18, the pattern, without lines to make it smaller. Now, I would be able to make the shirt smaller once I had made it, but I was still relatively new. So I made my size 10 friend a Size 18 shirt. Its ok, we go with it!

Her favourite colour is purple, so I bought some 100% cotton purple polka dots (the end product was seriously 80’s!) (potentially should have tried to find a lighter material). And spent a few day making a purple polka dot victorian/80’s shirt.


The sleeves were interesting at first, but then, it sort of just, clicked! I figured out how to set the sleeve and get a little bit of fullness around the shoulders (just a wee bit).

It actually turned out rather well, finish wise, I had neat seams, the collar and cuffs worked well without puckering, and when I gave it to her for her christmas present, she was absolutely amazed that I had made it, she thought I had bought it from a shop (I was a little bit smug). She has said that she will probably only wear it for an 80’s night at uni, but that is fine, I have got better at picking fabrics and prints since then!

20131224_180427 20131224_180420

I am modelling said shirt,not my friend.

Happy sewing!

(One week Thursday and I AM FREE. My sketchpad has never been so full so I can’t wait to make some of these ideas up!)



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