Indie Pattern Challenge

On the day my final exam was over, I decided that I was going to start doing sewing challenges, to widen my skills, and stop me from making a plethora of party dresses! So I signed up for ‘The Monthly Stitch. July is ‘Indie Pattern Month’ and after much confusion as to what an indie pattern consisted of (I originally thought they meant Indie style – as in lace and peter pan collars!) I decided to make a ‘Sew Simple’ Britgette dress in babydoll blue jersey.


I have never worked with Jersey before. I have never had a PDF pattern before. All in all, it was some learning curve for both!Cutting the fabric was fine, every piece had the same way stretch – I didn’t pull the neckline or anything out of shape, so I considered this half a success.


Actually – Would love some advice! I used a running stitch and rolled the hem because I wasn’t sure how else to sew the hem – except the bottom of the dress and sleeves is now all wavy. How are you supposed to sew the hem of stretchy fabrics?


I had planned on adding black bands to the edges of the sleeves and the bottom of the dress, and a big bow/peter pan collar to the neckline – but I decided against it purely to finish it in time for the Indie dresses week. It looks a little bit like my younger brothers jumper, not going to lie, so I may add the collar just to make it a wee bit more cutesy!

I cut the fabric for my ball dress today. I am so excited!



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