Gothic ball dress

I had a ball for one of my social groups last night, and I was determined to make a fabulous dress for it! And I was so exited and I LOVE MY DRESS SO MUCH!
My favourite colour is red. And I love putting black with red, I think it looks dramatic but that might just be me! So, I bought red (what feels like, I forgot to ask what it was actually called) heavy satin and black net lace so I could make a version of view C of the Simplicity 1606 I used for India’s ball dress. A little bit of a gothic colour scheme I’ll grant you, but awesome nevertheless!

First comment: seriously so much easier to make a form fitting bodice when you have either an extra pair of hands or are fitting it to someone else! I had neither such luxury, but I think the bodice fitted pretty well in the end.

There was supposed to be a zip down the back, but I shifted it to the side (and regretted it when having to take dress on/off, but it did look fabulous!)The pattern comes with different cup sizes, which made fitting it easier, but even when cut to an appropriate 10, the overlay was still huge and required a bit of adjustment.
20140613_184226 20140613_184231 20140613_184237
The alterations I made for this were to add sleeves, using my Simple Sew #0001 pattern which fitted near perfectly; to cut the neckline to follow the line of the bodice; shifting the zip and to not do a full overlay skirt. I thought that might be a bit overkill on the black lace, and that it would detract from the drama. The asymmetrical peplum was freehanded and I debated over whether or not the bottom should be parallel to the hem for ages! I like it just the way it is though.

Curled hair, dramatic make up, high heels and a bit of glitz? Ready to rock and roll!

Cheerio Sweeties!


2 thoughts on “Gothic ball dress

    1. Thank you! I really loved that dress, and making it was fun! I’m sorry for the huge delay in replying! I haven’t been on in a while! It was great going to the ball, and everyone asking where I had bought my dress from – part of why I love making clothes is the pride you feel when you say to someone, ‘oh, I made this!’


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