Bow Tie Blouse

Hello! I know it has been rather a while, but I got so caught up in going home for the summer, then going off to Spain for a fortnight that I quite forgot to post up the details of a blouse I made a few weeks ago! I used the Simple Sew pattern #002 that came free with the Love Sewing magazine (which, by-the-by, is awesome!). The pattern features a loose blouse with a bow neck detailing and a pencil skirt. When I get back to my sewing machine, I am making a black jersey skirt because you can never have too many pencil skirts in your wardrobe (I’m currently at about four, so not too many).

Pattern and the magazine

A while back, I was digging through the scraps bucket at my local market stall and found two roughly cut squares of bright green with small white polka dot satin. It’s very bright, but I like it! I decided instantly that it was the right sort of fabric to make a tie bow blouse with, but didn’t have the pattern to make it.
It was really easy to make! Sew Simple Patters are just that, simple! I didn’t want to overload with the green so I decided to buy some white satin to make the neckline with. I had a few problems with the darts because of my awkward shape, but managed to rectify that problem with little drama (just a lot of unpicking and praying to the sewing goddess that I wouldn’t rip the fabric). I didn’t want long sleeves because its summer, and I am certain that long sleeves would be overkill on the green polka dots!

I think this entire shirt cost me £2.50, if that, given how much satin I still have left over!
I am now practically penniless, but I have so many wild and wonderful plans! I was hoping to enter the Monthly Stitch July challenge of monochrome, so I will have to see what I can mumbo-jumbo together from my bag of tricks!
Mostly I’ve been doing repair/adaptation/cushions since my exams finished (Passed with a first! :0), changing dresses that no longer look good on me into skirts that look wonderful. Handsewing and such. Time to start working through my pattern collection methinks! (Once I have money again….)

31 days until I fly to Europe! I definitely have lots of sewing to get through before then!




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