Mcall circle skirt

I’ve been on some sort of sewing roll this week! Penny has a dress pattern with a seperate bodice and skirt, McCall’s M5094, with a pretty decent circle skirt in three lengths. We didn’t really want to make full dresses, so I adapted the pattern by cutting a three inch wide strip from the same fabric as a waistband.

The pattern


I ended up making three versions of the skirt this week! Penny made most of one (except the zip, Penny seriously does not get on with zips. She considers them something akin to the devil’s agent) using a patterned fabric with different european monuments, and she did really very well! Very proud. Here is a picture!


I made the other two, one for me and one for Penny. Mine was made using numbers bedding, with just enough fabric for the skirt. I love it, it’s quirky and different and upcycling at its best! Awesome bedding into a super fantastic skirt!


Penny’s was made out of a heavy, almost denim-like fabric which made hemming it difficult. The fabric was too heavy for my standard method of hemming, folding twice and sewing, and so I had to use two different scraps of bias binding that I had to make a circle big enough to hem the skirt. Luckily you can’t see it!


This skirt was super easy to make, it’s two side seams, one down the back with a zip and a waistband that I attached by sewing the waistband right side to right side then folding the waistband over, and folding the raw edge under so that the waistband has a clean finish. And a hem, of course. Urgh, hemming! It’s ever so irritating!


But! I now have a super awesome skirt to wear in Europe, as does Penny! So I would deem this to have been a roaring success 🙂

Bea xx


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