I recently started a new job, which is great! I love it. However, it is now 0130 and I am still awake. Luckily for me, my hamster, Lady Houdini (or Lola) is keeping me companny.

Our family hamster has an affinity for escaping. She also loves being in her ball on the laminate flooring of the hallway where people don’t usually congregate so we are less likely to notice if she is escaping. Unless you just so happen to be doing something on the floor. Then, the smooth sailing over laminate instantly loses its extraordinary appeal and she has to come and see what you are doing. Like sewing. She is absolutely facinated whenever I pull the fabric and scissors out. She has to, not only, knock into my feet/whichever body part she so happens to hit, but she has to roll onto the fabric or the pattern or knock my pins over. Basically, she is a little furry nusciance.

This being so, when my mum went and bought her a new ball, they bought a little stand for the little beastie to run on, so when I am sewing, the hamster can still run her furry little heart out without getting in my way. This stand has come in useful tonight! I got home from work, and decided that I wanted to cut an old pattern from some old fabric.

image from google

I used to buy most of my fabric from the local car boot sale, and over time, the great swathes of sheeting I purchased in my excitement has been delgated to the very bottom of the fabric box, mostly forgotten about. In my Great CarBoot Purchases box, there are a few exceptions to the sheeting rule. I bought about three meters of a pre-washed tartan cotton for about £1.50 (absolute bargin) and I had yet to use it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make a skirt or a dress without careful planning to avoid my skirt looking like a kilt.

–hamster just went quiet in her ball…that is always suspicious! Must go and investigate— she is still there, just watching my cut pattern pieces like they might get up and walk around…

I love BBC’s Call The Midwife and the clothes they wear are fabulous! I think Patsy and Trixie both have a pair of tartan capri pants, and while I don’t have a specific capri pants pattern, I figured that my slimleg pattern was close enough. Of course, this whole plan might be a phenomenal flop, but sewing is about trying new combinations and patterns as well as re-using the old tried and tested.

Patsy’s Tartan torusers

While I very much doubt that my version will look nearly as good, I can but hope. Of course, while trying to find a picture from CTM I did find a rather gorgoeus looking shift dress which could have worked…

So yeah! This weeks ‘To Make’ list consists of finally sewing all the projects I have cut, as well as cracking on and making my passport holder and little things like that for my holiday!

Oops! rather a wordy post, but I haven’t actually made the trousers yet! Or the jersey pencil skirt. I did make another Hulk! cushion though.

Night night!



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