Passport covers

So – apologies on the wait for a new post, but I’ve been working A LOT and I’ve been ill so I haven’t really done much sewing. And the sewing I have done has been odds and ends for my holiday or altering things before I go on my holiday.I have spent most of the day deleting photos and frantically trying to get all my stuff ready for my holiday – leaving today… Last Minute Bea! I also ttok photos of one of the projects I have been finishing off over the last few days.

Like these cute little passport covers!

Kinda freestyled, using the travel fabric I bought eons ago and have finally got round to using a rectangular section of… not sure what I will use the rest for, but I’m working on it! There are three different types of fabric, literally using remnants of a weighty material I used for one of Anna’s skirts, some cream linen/canvasy feeling stuff I dug out of the remnants bucket at the market, nice top fabric and bias bind contrast (because who doesn’t love contrasts?). I wanted to make them look like envelopes, or postcards and origionally was planning on having a little patch with a travel quote stitched on. I didn’t have the time or patience to embroider a quote, and I also decided that I liked the detailing on the fabric too much to cover it up! I mean, you can only see one aeroplane on the blue one and it would have been covered! Not cool.

I used red to pick out some detailing on the black and white fabric simply because I thought it made it look a little more awesome than it already did. I love red, it is my absolute all time favourite colour. No question or debate. You can see the development of the pattern from the blue to the black and white, as I decided the passport would probably be more secure using a triangular(ish) shape cover to hold it in. Add buttons (because buttons are brilliant!) to cover up a popper and voila! A pretty little passport cover šŸ™‚


I’m off to Europe for three weeks now! Bonjour Parie! Hallo Berlin! Ciao Roma! I have some of my home-made dresses to wear in these amazing locations. I hope everyone has a wonderful September!

Au Revouir!



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