My Sewing Space

I’m back! My trip round Europe was amazing, and while I failed in my mission to purchase a piece of fabric from each place I visited, I did buy many many scarves. One of these scarves, I intend to use as a front panel for a costume dress.

I did however, go through an entire sketchbook the three weeks I was away – mostly trying to work out how some of the dresses I saw in paintings could possibly have been constructed! It was good fun.

I’m back at uni now, and back at work and wondering which project I should embark on next to fit around my schoolwork, but given how I haven’t sewn in three weeks, I figured I had better sort through my sewing stuff first – see what I have.

The answer is, an awful lot! But nothing that can be used in conjunction with any of my projects, which is just SO typical!

I have to share my sewing space with my study space (but I am not going to lie, I think my sewing machine is out more than my textbooks unless I have a deadline) ((determined to change that this year – I will be good!)) so my sewing stuff is littered around my room: my sewing machine on my bookshelf, my books there too, my fabric in an ottoman at the end of my bed.


Oh! Do you like my new posters?? The Seine is said to be the only river to run through two bookshelves. And unfortunately for my purse, the traditional antique booksellers that line the banks of the Seine also sell posters, and postcards, and trinkets. I managed to pick up these three fashion illustrations (copies of course, but they are mighty fine). I think my favourite is the Dior dress.



Also got a few pictures of Roman Holiday in Rome, because who doesn’t love Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck??

So, trying to decide a project. I mean, I know I will be doing little projects, trying to use up my existing fabric stash so I can buy more, but a BIG, more time consuming project… I am tossing up between an Elsa dress for Anna, or a ‘Red Queen’ costume for Halloween. I am currently more inclined towards Red, simply because I have some left over red fabric from my ball dress that I could use for the bodice…. Hmm, need to make a decision!

So … yeah! That happened. I also now have this cute little owl sat on my desk – he’s solar powered, so during the day he does this little wiggle dance which is quite amusing. Only mentioning this because I can see him just to the side of my computer screen and its making me chuckle! I’m so easily amused!

Anyway, need to decide which of my new Simplicity (I love it when theres a sale, not sure my bank account agrees) patterns I should make up first! And uni starts again on Monday. Busy Bea!

Bye!! 🙂


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