Frocktober – Simplicity 1715

So, I fell victim to the half price sale of Simplicity patterns last month and bought seven… haha, have enough patterns to fill my time till Christmas now! (hopefully)

Simplicity Pattern 1715, sourced from Google Images

The Simplicity 1715 drew my attention because of the interesting neckline, and I think it looks like a reasonably classical, vintagey design without being crazy about it. I also liked the blue. Now, I very much doubt I will look as stunning as the model on the envelope, but I can dream that a fairy godmother will appear and sort my hair out for me! I decided to make this dress for an engagement party.

Anna came up for my birthday last Friday (went to Harry Potter studio Tours in London – OMG! IT WAS AMAZING) and we bought a stack of fabric, including some royal blue material (I really need to start asking them what the names of the material I buy are!) with a one way stretch. Its pretty cool because it hasn’t really frayed at all, which is super awesome: it means I didn’t have to lug the hoover up after I finished sewing (thank heavens for small mercies, I live on the third floor and the hoover is in the living room).

I will admit, I didn’t read the pattern properly, and bought 2m, as opposed to 2.5m. I didn’t realise it was a problem until I had laid most of the pattern down and realized I couldn’t fit the sleeves on… oops! It was made more difficult by the fact that the collar pieces, while only one layer thick, require being laid cross grain, so they take up an awful lot of space. It took a lot of re-jigging and sacrifices on my part, but I managed to lay all the pieces eventually… although, I am required to have short sleeves instead of long ones…

As far as patterns and fabric go, it was really easy! I had to take in quite a lot on the bodice, I probably could have gotten away with a 10D as opposed to a 12D, but the back of the envelope lied, and sewing the facing on meant there was about five layers of fabric at one point and I was exceedingly grateful the fabric wasn’t too thick!



The skirt has three pleats on the front, and a fold on each back piece giving it a more controlled full skirt feel that I really quite like. I tried to be really careful with the pleats, using many pins to keep them in place, but one pleat slipped and so it isn’t quite as sharp a cut as the others. I don’t think it’s too noticeable though.


When I first purchased the pattern, I was a bit unsure about the dropped waist, but in reality, it’s quite flattering and useful, because it meant I didn’t have to take in the waist too much to make it look and feel like a good fit.


I loved this dress so much! I am already planning on making another in lilac, or maybe a light blue and white one, either way, I can’t wait to sew this pattern again. πŸ™‚

Next week, part one of my Halloween Costume!



5 thoughts on “Frocktober – Simplicity 1715

    1. It really is a fabulous pattern – quick and easy to make really πŸ™‚ I loved the blue as well, I have far too much in my wardrobe that is burgundy or grey, it spices it up a little πŸ™‚


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