Simple day dress

My intention was to have this project finished and wearable by Christmas Day… however, a multitude of things (like, work, going home, TV and family) meant that I actually didn’t finish it until Christmas and New Year had merrily waved at me as they flew past.


I found this lovely cotton fabric when browsing the fabric shop absolutely ages ago, but only bought it recently with the aim of making View A of Simplicity 254920150118_183756.

I also had to go home for Christmas on the train, which meant I couldn’t really take my sewing machine with me! I spent the last day at uni frantically sewing as much as I could by machine, leaving the hemming (sleeves and bottom of the dress) and the zip plus any adaptations for handsewing when I got home. And I am not going to lie, I have been converted. Hand sewing the hems looks so much neater than machine sewing them, and my NY resolution (amongst exercise more and eat less chocolate) is to endeavor to hand finish as much as I can.

This was actually a rather good project! I didn’t want to add the bow, because there is only so much cutesy even I can take (and my DVD collection is predominantly Disney based), and I shortened the hem significantly, to above my knees. I often forget that, being short with a big bust, just over knee length circle skirts make me look a bit like a spinning top, so I made a concerted effort to modernise this dress while still keeping with my ‘OMG I CAN’T SHOW MY KNEES!!’ thinking. The front is a bit low cut, and if it continues to bother me I will be adding a modesty panel.


I would also like to take this moment to introduce Mabel, my brand new dressform 🙂 She’s a size 10/12, but the bust is about five inches too small so I’ve had to improvise a bit! But whereas the dress fitted Mabel really well, it was too long in the shoulders for me. Luckily I was sensible enough to do a shoulder lift before adjusting the waist/bust to fit, because raising the shoulders a cm.5 made everything fit practically perfectly!

To take up the shoulders, I had to unpick the sleeves and resew, which I did by hand so we shall see how long they hold up for! I have decided that, even if it takes longer, I really do miss hand-sewing! Nothing like putting a good series of Downton Abbey on and sewing in a zip so you can’t see it!


I used my christmas money to buy a draping book (which I am VERY excited about!). I’m not sure what my next project will be, I’ll have to wait and see!

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year!



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