Sketching Challenge Part 2!

So, 15 days ago I started Wit and Whistle’s 15 day drawing challenge and I’ve been posting them up on twitter as I go. It has been fun actually, (Apart from the one about drawing what you’re afraid of. It turns out I even cringe at cartoony style ones spiders. Who knew!).

So, here we go!

Day 1: A Pattern: A patch of the wallpaper in my university union

Day 2: An animal: Who doesn’t love a cheeky little kitten? This one got caught playing with the knitting balls

Day 3: Favourite item of clothing: My orange knitted cardigan (that my mum absolutely hates) in fineliner

Day 4: Something off the ground outside: Just a little leaf collection

Day 5: A Recipe: How to make a cake 🙂 One of only two actual recipies I know by heart (the other is cookies – what does that say about my diet!)

Day 6: A word: Feminist: A word I associate myself with proudly, feminism shouldn’t be hated or feared, yes there are extremists, but that is the same for any political ideology. To me, feminism is about being able to make my own choices without being afraid of what people think of me

Day 7: An insect: A flutterby butterfly

Day 8: A cross section: A pocketwatch

Day 9: An animal doing something only humans can do: The inherent aww factor of penguin family baking

Day 10: Something in a jar: A misty kingdom in a jar (In my head, it was like in a disney movie, where there are a collection of jars with different stories playing and the screen passes through the glass of this jar and into a magical kingdom on a mountainside)

Day 11: A Diagram AND Day 12: Something you are afraid of: A diagram of a spider in a web. It seems I am afraid of drawn spiders as well. My skin was crawling the whole time and I had to make it more cartoony because there was no way I was looking at a picture!

And my favourite bit of the whole drawing is this comment:

Day 13: A plant: The magical flower from Tangled

Day 14: My favourite food: Cookie dough! Occasionally I even make cookies

Day 15: Something microscopic: Nothing is quite as awesome at looking at a neuronal network under a microscope!

So that’s it! For many of them, I really enjoyed the challenge of drawing something I wouldn’t usually draw, for others (My fave food for example) I will probably never draw again. I think my favourite was either the pocketwatch (Day 8) or the tangled flower!

I am trying to decide what to sew next. I want to do a costume, maybe something for ballroom dancing. Or maybe just a super impractical disney balldress!

Have a fantabulous weekend!



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