Forward Planning 2015

Or maybe I should just call this: Being Ridiculously optimistic.

I have a few things I want to get done by the end of the year. So, at Christmas, I will look back at this and be able to tick sheet it!

1) Draping
I want to be able to use my mannequin effectively and be able to make items without a pattern. More specifically, I want to be able to use the mannequin to make patterns!

2) Disney dresses (not by the end of this year, just in general)
– For dance – in the ‘Team Dance’ section, we are allowed to wear whatever we want, so a few of my friends and I had this ridiculous idea of having a few of the ball dresses (as ballroom dresses) and a few other characters (as latin dresses) to wear in the team dance. Even if we don’t win, we will definitely look good and have fun while dancing! Current favourites are Cinderella and Belle (maybe Snow White) as ballroom dresses, and Tinkerbell and Esmarelda as latin dresses!
– Belle – In honour of the live action movie that Emma Watson has been cast as, I want to make my own version of the ‘Belle ball dress’ and see how they make it. Maybe after the film comes out, I’ll make another one!
– Day dress – Belle in Once Upon A Time wears an amazing real life version of the blue dress from the start of the film. I’d love to give that a go! I’d wear it every day! (Not a joke actually – can definitely see the summer dress potential there).
– Anna – Her coronation dress is amazing! I love it and really REALLY want to try and make it!!
– Elsa- Penny request. I really want to try! Sparkly fabrics!

New Picture

(The pictures can be found on Pinterest: Click here for links: OUAT Belle, Belle’s Balldress, Elsa Anna’s Coronation Dress

3) 18th Century dress
– Stays
– Chemise
– Robe de la francaise/polonaise or a mantura – haven’t decided which yet
– Full on research project!

4) Medieval
– love Robin Hood, it is amazing. I have seen far too many films with beautiful (and not so much) medieval dresses.
– Cannot guarantee it will be historically accurate, it is more likely to be a cosplay – Maid Marion perhaps, or Morgana from Merlin! oooh! I do love Susan’s coronation dress from Narnia, and the one she wears at the end of Prince Caspian… Drew Barrymore’s white dress in Ever After is also absolutely stunning and I will count it here.

5) Princess Leia
– Speaks for itself

Plus the usual yearly consortium of social dresses for Balls, t-shirts, skirts ect that I will undoubtedly make on a whim!

I will revisit this at the end of the year!


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