Green Pencil Skirt

A very long time ago (how it feels at the moment!) I received a free Simple Sew pencil skirt and tie blouse with my Love Sewing magazine. I made up the blouse a while back, the article can be found here.

I know I said I wasn’t going to be making anything over the next few weeks…. but… I lied… a few weeks ago, I went to the Hobbycraft dressmaking fair at the NEC where I bought about 2m of a lovely green fabric from one of the vintage stands (as well as some lime polka dot cotton and some pink and orange tweed). I bought it on impulse, thinking the wasn’t as much as there is. And when I got home and checked the drape, decided I should add it to my pencil skirt collection 🙂

I think I may have a bit of a thing for pencil skirts….



I kind of go stir crazy when I haven’t got a definitive project on the go, so I decided that this would be a Non-Priority Project to cure itchy fingers during my revision period.

The only issue I had was the sizing, I measure myself and, once again, came out as a 12, so I cut a twelve and found I had about an inch and a half either side. So I decided to try French Seams for the first time, and making the inside as neat as the outside. The fabric isn’t bulky so I trimmed the sides down and have a half inch french seams.
I’m not going to lie, in the words of Paddy Grant, the darts went for a wander. I accidentally messed up, and figured I’d just deepen the darts because my hip waist proportions generally mean I have to deepen darts anyway. Except, they kind ran away with me…. I didn’t want to unpick two lines of machine stitching so I just left it, hoping its symmetrical enough to look deliberate.

I machine stitched the zip and down the back, but I didn’t overlap the zip until the very end when I was fixing down the hem because I couldn’t get the skirt to zip up on Mabel with the pins in.



Turned up the hem a cm, and machine stitched it into place before pressing and turning the hem up another cm (most of the way round) and adjusted until the hem was completely level. I then handstitched the hem into place because the green thread I was using didn’t quite match enough. Pressed the hem and voila! I think it looks pretty neat from the top.


Finished up by stitching the hem into place by folding the waistband over in half and handfixing along the seam line for the front of the waistband.
I apologise for all the creases on the skirt while on the mannequin, I did press it several times! Think it might be because I folded the fabric quite soon after washing it, then left it a wee while… Hoping the creases come out in the wash next!
It actually took me about two weeks between finishing and posting to actually get some pictures, because wearing a pencil skirt when you practically live curled up on a chair in the library isn’t all that comfortable!

I also bought a load of pink Linton tweed at the fair, so one of my next projects is going to be a pink tweed pencil suit A La Jackie O! When I finish my exams and the play of course…

Bye! Bea


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