Summertime Simplicity

The hiiiilllllllllssss are alive, with the soumd of muuuusssiicc.

I feel a little like one of the Von Trapp children, but boy do I love my new summer dress!!! I made it over my exam period (I know, I swore I wouldn’t make anything after the green skit! I tried, I really did but it was just too tempting).


I went to the market on a costume hunt for ‘Our House’ a few weeks ago. and while it was an absolute failure from that perspective, I did manage to pick up some light floral polycotton that looked delightfully summery ad fun!


I used one of my vintage patterns. actually, I think it might have been the second dress I ever made, out of a cherry red tablecloth. The pattern is from the late 1960’s, and it only has one size (apparently a size 12 but I’m not convinced. its a bit of a weird one: the bust actually fits but the shoulders are way too wide, and the waistband fits near perfectly. So I made some alterations straight off the bat with this one. I had to lengthen the bodice by about half an inch, but all also decided to have a gathered bodice, so added about two inches to the fold and gathered between those two bust dart points.

I hit a snag when it came to the skirt. I was planning on a fill circle skirt, but the fabric was too narrow, and I’d have to cut it into sections, which I didn’t want on the basis of how much I love the floral pattern. In the end, I had about a metre and a half left after the bodice, which I pinned into place after gathering (the gathers fell out by accident when I was trying to do something else, and I didn’t have the patience to get them perfect again, so I just did folds instead). While not wide enough for a circle skirt, the fabric was wide enough to reach the floor.

At one point, I considered leaving it full length, but after intsagramming the pic, I decided that it looked a little too 1970s. A little overkill. Also, my shape and height is generally not conductive to full length skirts. So I cut it just below my knees. I have to admit, on a hemming front, this was so much easier!! Double hemmed the bottom, then pleated the skirt in, machine stitched it down, and voilà. All I had to do was insert the white cotton lining I had prepared for the bodice (because the fabric is a little less opaque than I would like), put in the zips and boom!

I actually wore this to one of my exams that I am less confident with. I figured, if I was going to do poorly, I should at least do that looking amazingly vintage! 🙂 best part of my day was the dress (exam went awfully).


Now my exams are done, and the play is over as well (!) and I finished my ball dress to wear tonight, so that’s tomorrows post!

Happy summertime!



5 thoughts on “Summertime Simplicity

  1. I love the fabric here! I find I also like to wear things I’ve made to exams and stressful situations, it gives me a tiny extra boost of confidence and a reminder that I’m worth more than my exam results. You must be happy they’re over!


    1. Thanks! Yes! That pretty much sums it up. I am so glad they are over, now just need to keep sewing to work through the nervous energy until my results at the end of the month!! 🙂


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