Counting Down

Seven days and counting until I board a bus bound to Frankfurt to meet up with Anna!

There are a few distinct differences to our travel plans this year. the first one being, it was a rather spontaneous idea. Last year when we went to Europe it was for three weeks with a suitcase, a plan and a lot of saving behind us. This year, we will be spending all our time in Germany on a greatly restricted budget, but I don’t doubt for a second our holiday will be any less fantastic than Europe was last year!

One of the other significant differences is that I am determined to pack light. And so, my trusty old Duke of Edinburgh rucksack and I are prepared! (Seriously, this rucksack has been traipsed round the UK in varying degrees of rainstorm, its about time it went out of the country!)

I was a bit limited in my wardrobe choices on the basis of – no iron and not a lot of space! Given how most of what I make is 100% cotton, or some other creasy fabrics, most of what I have made has been packed up for my move rather than rolled into my rucksack. Anna wanted to take heels, but they just waste space, especially ifyo ur only going to wear them one night out of fifteen! I’ll let you know when I get back as to whether I missed off something very important in my frugality!

So, given how its summer, I have packed denim shorts, jeggings, a nice skater skirt, lots of t-shirts, a few cardigans, a pretty lace dress that doesn’t ever crease, and I am in the process of making another Ruby dress in a grey rose material that doesn’t seem to crease at all, making it perfect for this trip! it should be finished by the end of the day, but I currently have no one around to act as photographer so it may take a while to find someone to photograph it!

I have determined that packing for holiday is much more fun than packing to move, as eagerly anticipated as the move may be.

This is also your warning guys! I will be deviating from my standard topic of dressmaking, into the realms of my other love, travelling! I am so excited. We will be going to Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Cologne! We are planning to go the Fairtytale castle outside of Munich, so you never know, I may come back with the inspiration to actually crack on with the Beauty and the Beast balldress I’ve been threatening you all with!

Wish me luck! I have an 18 hour coach to get me to Frankfurt in the first place!

Bea 🙂


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