Roses and Rubies

This is my second Ruby Dress, made with the Simple Sew pattern I received free from Love Sewing magazine. The last one I made was from fake silk, for the dancers summer ball. This one is much more of a summer daywear dress, which I am glad of!



When I saw the material at the market, black and grey roses on white, I didn’t even need to think about what I wanted it for, I just bought a straight up 2 meters and a 22″ zip. Added bonus is the type of material. I really need to start asking the shop owners what everything is called! Its sort of like a heavier, more opaque chiffon, no stretch, and doesn’t crease, which makes it perfect for a light, pretty dress to wear on my travels!


There was a bit of a too do with the facing when I put the zip in, and it pulled the whole zip to the right, looking very peculiar, so I cut the facing on the right side and the tension was released. It just means I have to find another way of ensuring the back facing doesn’t make an appearance! The back right is still a little distorted but its a minor thing and overlookable when I’m wearing it now. I mean, I’d prefer to have it lay completely flat, but I figure I’ll be able to put a cardi on over the top.

WP_20150624_17_02_08_Pro WP_20150624_17_02_29_Pro















The other zip drama was misreading the pattern, and purchasing the wrong length concealed zip! I forgot the back was dipped, so a shorted, 18″ would probably have been a much better fit. As it is, the zip finishes about three inches above the rolled hem.just means I can definitely get it over my hips!

WP_20150624_17_02_18_Pro WP_20150624_17_02_23_Pro
















And in the famous words of Paddy and May, my waistline ‘went for a wander’. I’m not sure how, I pinned the skirt to the bodice while it was on Mabel to make sure the waistband sat neatly, but obviously this is something I need to work on.

I was actually hoping for some advice as well actually. When I checked to see if the bodice fit, and lay flat under my bust, it fit perfectly, but when I attached the skirt, after trying to ensure the fabric was in the right place either side of the seam, the centre bodice bubbles. I don’t know how to fix it and give a more polished finish.



I love the fabric and the style of this dress, and its a bargin make at £2/m! cost me less than a fiver in total to make. I like dresses like that!

WP_20150624_16_54_20_Pro WP_20150624_16_53_22_Pro







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