Easy Peasy Kaftan

I love baggy blouses. You can wear them super loose on hot days, just milling around the house, or cinch them in to show people you actually have a waist. I mean, they aren’t the most flattering of tops when you have a bust, but I love them. So when I was packing up all my fabric (cry) I decided to procrastinate a little more by quickly running up a no pattern 20 min Kaftan.


I have a 1m piece of cotton. I pinned the selvages together, and trimmed the two sides to ensure the were even, then hemmed them.


I didn’t hem the bottom edges because they have a nice texture to them which I liked. Also, they don’t fray, so added bonus!


Then I refilled the fabric down the centre, and folded it again widthwise to find the centre. I used this point to cut a boat neckline.


I used some of the fabric I had trimmed from the edge as a bias binding, and finished the neckline.


Then, to finish, I sewed up each side seam, leaving about 25cm for the armholes.

WP_20150624_17_03_31_Pro WP_20150624_17_03_21_Pro














Pop on a belt to cinch in, and voilà! Super easy summer Kaftan with neither a pattern or too much time taken up!


Bea 🙂


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