Frankfurt am Main!

I’m currently sat in an Inn in Bavaria, about 20 minutes from civilization, drinking cola from a huge beer glass, and enjoying the 25degree in the shade heat, and avoiding the 35+ it is not in the shade! And while I’m sat here, melting with a contented smile, I recalled the WiFi connection and decided to make the most of it!

My journey started on the afternoon of the 1st, amid worries that my bus would be cancelled because of the Calais Strikes, immediately following my house move. It was a rather busy day, and the air con for my bus to London was bust, making it a very humid journey! The bus to cologne however, and thankfully, had working air con. I travelled through the night, having a kip on the ferry and on the bus as well actually! However, I encountered more issues when I got to Cologne. 2 hour delays meant I had missed the connecting bus to Frankfurt, so I had to try and find the nearest main station for a train to Frankfurt instead!

Eventually, I was on my way! In the end, 24 hours after I departed my house in England, I arrived in Frankfurt to meet Anna! Whoo! First order of the day was a shower, and clean clothes to counteract the hours of travelling.

Then, we kinda just wandered around the city, we saw the massive Euro monument that used to be in front of the old Central European bank, I found the English Theatre, that I wish I had been in Frankfurt long enough to go and visit properly. We made a friend, discussed politics, and Swedish swear words. We also, on our wander that night, found the Cathedral, which looks absolutely gorgeous on the outside, and is plain on the inside. I would really love to draw it!

Frankfurt is full of quirky old buildings, and I wish I had been there long enough to explore all the old streets more. However! Fun fact of day 2! Apart from the cathedral and the building next to the Rathhaus, all buildings were rebuilt after the second world war! You wouldn’t believe it. Walking into (what tourists call) the Old Town, it was like walking into a fairytale village painted in a book!


On day two, we took part in the Free Frankfurt Alternative Walking Tour, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who passes through the city! Rather than just showing all the pretty facades, and the stunning views of the Main (we had all this as well) we started at the red light district, adjacent to the skyscrapers of the banking district, we heard stories about the city from the perspective of a local student who was fully aware of the failings and problems of the city as well as the beauty of it. We received a snapshot of the real, gritty side of the city, as well as standing in the shadows of beautiful reconstructions of town hall buildings and streets. They also know the best spots for a panorama of the city!

What makes Frankfurt so fascinating is how easily it seems to merge the old style city with the sort of skyscraper skyline in Manhattan. in fact, the city is often called Mainhatten apparently! But it doesn’t feel like it doesn’t fit, the old juxtaposes the new, and it works.


I also went to the Deutches Historishes Museum because I saw they had a fashion exhibition on – turns out the exhibition is this tiny little corner of one of the galleries and features four dresses and a few polaroids. It was a bit disappointing, but the rest of the museum was interesting because it is made up of private collections that have been donated to the museum, rather than being sourced by curators, making for an interesting and quirky way to wile away and hour or two.

I also did a sketch of a church I could see across the Main while chilling on the banks (in the shade, it has only just dipped below 35 degrees!)

Sketch of the church on the other side of the Main in Frankfurt

Sketch of the church on the other side of the Main in Frankfurt

The views from the banks of the Main are really pretty, especially when the sun is positioned just right, and the light reflects off the water leaving the buildings a burnished red colour. Apparently there is a film museum that is well worth a visit, but I (unfortunatley) didn’t manage to get there!

WP_20150703_028[1] WP_20150702_18_16_10_Pro[1]

If you are going to Frankfurt, you have to try Apfelwein as the city is famous for it! You can order it in most bistros, and if there is a fair going on, they sell them there as well. You can either have natural (just fermented apples) Sweet (with lemonade) or sour (with soda water). Given my sweet tooth, I really enjoyed the sweet applewine. It was surprisingly cheap as well! And you have to order it in a special type of glass but I can’t remember what its called.


All in all, I have enjoyed Frankfurt, and wish I could have wandered around with a sketchbook and a camera a little more! Its the sort of upbeat real city that I can imagine actually living and working in, rather than just visiting. It feels real, not overly touristy, even if it is quite a bit!

Keep an keen eye out for Spiderman though 😉 We found two. Apparently there is seven!


Happy holidays!



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