We were in Munich for five days. And I think it might have been my favourite stay!

Our hostel was seriously far out. We had to get an S-Bhan train for half an hour, and then be picked up by a shuttle but to drive a further five minutes out of the village we’d found ourselves in, and to the Hostel. It was practically a part of the forest surrounding it. While at first, we weren’t too impressed because there was practically no security, no wifi, and it was miles out, we soon changed our tune. The atmosphere was amazing! The hostel was an inn attached to beer garden, and we were drinking beer, and making friends in no time!

We made fast friends with some Americans, who we ended up doing everything in Munich with.

The first day, we just wandered around the forest looking for the lake, and chilling out. Well, I say chilling, it was about 35 degrees in the shade! (Or how it felt) But oh, the area was so beautiful! I almost expected Hansel and Gretel to come skipping through the trees! We found the lake later on in the day with the boys, and it was amazing!

WP_20150705_12_22_48_Pro WP_20150705_12_23_05_Pro WP_20150705_12_40_52_Pro

The next day, we went to Schloss Neuschwanstein which I talked about before.

The actual city wasn’t too different to the others. I mean, ok, their city hall is AMAZING, all gothic and spires. And it honestly takes ten minutes to ring midday because there is this whole song and dance! Honestly, the bells chime for a bit, then, the first level of figures in the tower start turning. Then, the bells chime for a little more, then the court jesters on the second level of the figures start spinning. We actually got bored and wandered off! Haha!

WP_20150707_12_02_27_Pro WP_20150707_12_03_03_Pro WP_20150707_12_10_43_Pro

The cathedral was (true to form) under construction.



The first day in the city we went to the English Gardens (which is just a massive park) and paddled in the refreshingly cool streams, giggling like schoolgirls at the more social acceptance of nudity in Germany! Again, refreshing chance to cool off after a day of some 40 degree heat!


The second day, we found a haberdashery (whoop whoop!) where I spent ages skipping around looking at lace, wool and beads. And then, we went off to look at (and maybe try on) some Traditional German dresses called Dirndals. Anna really wants one. I was fascinated by the construction, and I have some fabric that I think would really work! There were points to the dress that I think would work with some of my current designs! So watch this space.

All in all, while the city was alright, quite fun, we really enjoyed our time in Munich as a whole. We met some amazing people and have made some amazing memories! I would very much like to return to Bavaria in the future!

Enjoy the sun!



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