Our last stop was Cologne for two nights. We only really had one day, and luckily, it was a beautiful one! We were just chilling, looking forward to returning to tea, chips and (in my case at least) wardrobes!



The main talking point really, is the Dom. Its fantastically, wonderfully gothic! It was really interesting that there were a few statues over the doorway which had obviously been recently cleaned, because the pale stone contrasted significantly with the dark that makes up the main building. Unfortunately, you need to pay to go on a tour inside, so we stood in the free bit, took a few photos of the veined ceiling and then left.

WP_20150715_11_35_50_Pro WP_20150715_11_32_08_Pro


Interesing fact about the spires of the Dom: they are skeletal – so when the sun shines behind them, you can see the structure of the the spires! Its amazing. And adds to the gothic appeal!

After purchasing mini-Dom statues for our collections, we walked along the river, down to another bridge, and chilled in a Rheinpark, admiring the beautiful views.

WP_20150715_13_58_30_Pro WP_20150715_14_24_20_Pro


We were on the other side of the river, looking for the ultimate Dom shot – and we found it!

Last day in Germany! In Cologne #backpacking #travel #Cologne #ending #funtimes

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We even found something else while we were (temporarily misplaced) there!




we even found an English shop down a side street!

WP_20150715_14_41_36_Pro WP_20150715_12_05_14_Pro

Another church we found while ambling

Another church we found while ambling

So, that’s it! That is the conclusion of my holiday! Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed going on my holiday!



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