Jackie O in Pink Tweed

Be honest with me. Lady Penelope, or Professor Umbridge?

Anyone who has the unfortunate circumstance to have been in coversation with me over the last several months will know that this project has kinda been hovering about midpoint on my To Do list. And yesterday, I finally got around to actually making the pink tweed suit!

The fabric is Linton tweed from the ‘Sewing for Pleasure’ fair I went to a few months back with the Craft soc. The base is orange and green, with pale pink threads. I was quite lucky. I managed to pick this up on the ‘BOGOF’ coathangers, as the last matching tweeds on the stand. I had just enough for a full suit. Also, at the same fair I purchased some pale pink liner fabric and a concealed zip.

My plan was to use a 1967 McCall’s pattern of a ladies skirt suit. However, once I had all the pattern pieces out, I found that I didn’t have enough fabric for that. I was hoping this would count under the Monthly Stitch’s September challenge of Vintage Pattern Month. Oh well, gives me an excuse to sew something else as well! Instead, I used two Simple Sew patterns from Love Sewing Mag; the Lottie Skirt and the ‘Jackie O’ Jacket.

WP_20150905_00_08_03_Pro WP_20150904_23_57_18_Pro

I fully lined both the skirt and the jacket. I had a bit of a Marlyin moment when I was trying desperately to ensure there were no exposed tweed seams on the skirt…and I put the lining in inside out. But, the seams were neat, even if they are now exposed, so I decided against unpicking half the skirt to switch the lining round.

WP_20150905_005 WP_20150907_19_12_47_Pro

The lining is a little bumpy at the bottom of the facing on the jacket. the biggest challenge on lining the jacket was the final side seam, as I had sewn the lining to the bottom of the back early on in the process, to ensure the finish was neat.


I went over the seamline at the back, to ensure that no lining was visible on the outside and to even up the back edge.

I initially used a rolled hem on the sleeves, but the fabric was far too bulky and ended up bunching and warping. So I quickly unpicked that and just folded the exposed edge over by 0.5cm and used a zigzag stitch to secure. I did the same on the lining, but folded towards the tweed, rather than inwards.

In all honesty, as nice as this suit is, I find it a little too bulky for me. I should probably take the skirt in a little more on the hips to fit more securely, but I won’t for now.

Just before I went outside for photos, I decided to add two decorative buttons, and a hook and eye to the jacket to add a little more shape and make it fit better. The buttons are some leftover from a coat that I threw away years ago, but I snipped off all the military style buttons first!

WP_20150907_19_28_06_Pro WP_20150907_19_28_01_Pro

This is the first time I have fully lined a garment, and I learnt some interesting lessons about seam orders and when to turn the garment right side out! And also, to double and triple check to ensure you are sewing the right thing the right way!

WP_20150907_19_12_16_Pro WP_20150907_19_12_22_Pro WP_20150907_19_12_40_Pro

This is the second time I have used the Lottie pattern, but the first time I have used the jacket. it was a little shorter than I expected, but in a lighter fabric would make a marvellously smart and modern suit.



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