Hello! This is just a little update on the state of my to-do list!

Last year, I joined the committee for two societies, and while I love the work involved, I haven’t had any time to do anything else in regards to my Project Belle dress, nor have I started anything new! Many apologies, however, the Welcome week I have been working solidly towards is next week. I am very excited! Then term starts! And I’m back to essay deadlines and reading lists and sewing to avoid my homework!

I have been crafting, more than sewing. I’ve been making bunting for the Craft Society stall. Its quite relaxing, being able to handsew while Doctor Who or Charmed is on.


(On a completely unrelated note: DOCTOR WHO STARTS TONIGHT!)

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (handle is sewbeasew, if you want to see what I get up to when I am not sewing!) you may have noticed that I have been sewing a patchwork quilt. It was my first completed patchwork quilt, for my housemates nephews birthday this weekend. I was extremely pleased with how this turned out!

Back of my first ever finished quilt! #amsewing #quilting #patchwork

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Laying out the squares to plan


The back: I love the nautical fabric so much!

Patchwork quilt! #patchworking #sewing #quilt #finished #proud

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Anyway, it is unlikely I will be able to get anything big sewn up over the next week or two, so I may go off the grid, or start talking about my travel plans for next summer instead!




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