Autumn View

My birthday a few weeks ago dawned slightly chilly, but beautifully bright and clear. Given Britain’s changeable weather, I decided not to look this gift horse in the mouth, and took myself, my housemates and my camera to Winterbourne House And Gardens, Edgbaston, Birmingham.

A part of the University of Birmingham, the gardens are absolutely phenomenal, especially now the colours are changing as Autumn sets in (I’ve had an awful lot of fun kicking leaves in my heeled boots and trench coat).

While abroad over the summer, I learnt of my love of nature photos and bright colours and silhouettes and light over water. I had a wonderful afternoon strolling around with my phone camera, taking an absolute slew of photos. I sometimes really wish I had a proper, chunky digital camera with variable settings as opposed to my phone camera which is a bit limited.

So, anyway, here are a few* (*debatable) of my favourite photos from that afternoon!


We found a Bee Hive!


I love the reflection of the leaves in the water, and the colours!


Looks like a scene from a woodland fairytale!


I’d wager this bench has seen much pass through the woods


This leafy silhouette, with the change in colour gradients, might be one of my favourites


Its beginning to look a lot like Holly Season!


I almost expected fairies to flutter about, the colours of the foliage in this grove were so beautiful!


The quaint little wooden bridge crossing the stream, straight out of a fairytale!


Experimenting with camera angles and focus. The moss on the rocks


I just, the leaves looked so beautiful here!


The view of the house from the walkway through the gardens


Colour contrast


Leafy avenue. It was so peaceful to walk down here!


Shades of purple

WP_20151004_13_58_17_Pro WP_20151004_14_03_00_Pro WP_20151004_14_03_28_Pro WP_20151004_14_06_02_Pro WP_20151004_14_07_33_Pro


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