Busy Bea!

Hello! Long time, no speak, I know! Many apologies. I am afraid I do not have any new dresses to chat about, in fact, I have managed one afternoon of sewing since mid September!

I currently have an in-progress pair of stays and an in progress petticoat on Mabel. However, given how busy I am at the moment, they are likely to stay ‘in-progress’ for another few weeks!

So instead of a post about my sewing shenanigans, I thought I would share with you a few things from my sketchbooks.

Before I post these, I will just say IN ADVANCE, as a disclaimer of sorts, many of these are not original designs. For the Disney characters, I copied most of them from Pinterest images and have since long lost the source. I can copy most cartoon images and have tried to copy a multitude of different styles to try and learn one of my own. So, for most of these; THEY ARE NOT ORIGINAL WORKS. For some I may have changed the medium or the colour scheme though.

The ones I can absolutely definitely say are original works are these:


Red in The Woods. By Bea I think this one is my favourite in my whole non-design sketchbook!


Procrastinating at its finest! This was the View From My Window in first year, during a particularly trying essay. I needed a quick break and just drew what I saw!


Lady in Red I was experimenting with colours, and designing, and the Victorian style bustles, and well, this happened!

And these are NOT originals but I drew them and I’m proud of them anyway.


Were All Mad Here! good old Chess!


I present to you Queen Elsa! Kudos to the original artist! It was a black and white sketch that I copied and added colour to. Apologies for the Cleopatra eyes… I really do love this one as well! She doesn’t look quite so cartoony


Continuing with the Frozen Theme! OLAF!!! I drew one for my sisters christmas present last year as well.


I saw these Ribbon Drawings on Pinterest and I had to give it a try! So here is Ribbon Meg from Hercules! Quote from the Disney film


Marie from Aristocats


Alice has eaten the cake and grown too big for the room! I love Disney.

So, I hope you enjoyed a peek into my black paper sketchbook!

I’m hoping to schedule some sewing time in over the coming weeks, but I have dissertation, masters applications, coursework, actual work and dance! I’m a very busy Bea!




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