One Month Till Christmas

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And suddenly, my to-do list is full of Christmas present shopping/making, my ribbons basket is depleted from making Christmas decoration bows, and people are trying to convince me to be ‘Merry’.

I love Christmas, however, I am a firm believer that Christmas should start on the 1st December, and not a second before! In terms of Christmas, the build up is definitely a highlight! The mystery, the fun, the games, the losing the tape seventeen times before you finish wrapping the gifts, all of it! When I was younger, we had this family tradition of the Magic Circle: on the evening of the first, just after the tree had been put up but before the light were put on. Mum would spend ages untangling the fairy lights, and once she was finished, she would spread them out in a looped circle. She would stand in the middle, and then, one by one, my brothers and sisters and I would jump into the circle, whisper what we wanted most of all to mum, then jump out again. All the while, we would be giggling in delight behind our hands.

That’s what I love about Christmas; the magic and the excitement. The family memories formed and traditions created. Being with my family and (nowadays) shaking my head in amusement at the younger members antics. More often than not, I put aside the guise of adulthood, and get down on the floor and play Pictionary with them, just because I can.

By the 23rd December however, I want to break the CD player, and avoid any formal gathering place like the plague to avoid the falsity and what I believe is termed the ‘Hallmark Holiday’ of it all.  My family and I make our Christmas decorations: hanging birds, felt gingerbread men, paper chains, ect. If I am planning on giving a card to someone, I will make it. Christmas to me, is about family and home made traditions.

But this year, what is really confusing me, is the sudden abundance of Black Friday events, that don’t seen restricted to Friday. My emails are being bombarded with deals from websites I didn’t even know I was signed up to. And I must admit, (Amazon at least) the deals are not that great. And there are so many Black Friday adverts on the radio! When did Black Friday become a thing here in the UK? To me, Black Friday is, and always will be, a uniquely American event that I only see on sitcoms or read about in novels. Is a mysterious event where people queue for hours, waiting in crowds to get Pre-Christmas deals. Personally, that isn’t my idea of a good time. Crowds are a no, waiting is a no, and cold is also a no. Anger/conflict, definite no. I don’t mind that the deals seem to have made their way across the pond with the supranational companies… but I am confused as to why they are such a big deal here.

So, anyway! Christmas is coming! My Craft Society will be having a hanging decorations making session in our last meeting before term. I should really start my Christmas shopping. And once the Christmas holiday arrives, it means I have finished all my deadlines and events for the semester, so I can relax and make some headway into the Project Belle dress I started a few months ago!

Happy November



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