2015 in Review

Another year over! I can’t quite believe it, 2014 still feels futuristic to me, yet here we are! The 1st January, 2016! 2016! Can you believ it??

This year has been incredible, I’ve danced my socks off, made the beginners jive finale at Nationals, been elected to the Ballroom dance committee, achieved a first for year two, made a further two finals dancing same-sex, organised events and been accepted onto a PGCE for next year. Phew! What a year! I will admit, this semester, the start of my final year of university, The Beginning Of The End, has been manic. I have barely had a moment to watch Doctor Who, let alone sew! Its been difficult. I have been dancing, doing coursework, further education applications, more dancing, more studying frantically, dissertations. Its certainly been a long semester!

So, my To-Do list for this year was incredibly ambitious, but it was created during a particularly quiet point of the year. I did not quite foresee how frantically busy I would be during third year! It involved a disney dress, an 18th century Belle project, the full list at Forward Planning 2015.

So, I could look at this by listing the projects I have done, but thats a lot, and you’ve probably seen them already.

Point 1 on the Forward planning list was Draping. I wanted to be able to create something on the mannequin without a pattern.

Achieved! Several times over in fact, I have made a few outfits sans pattern, and only using the mannequin or myself. I made a beautiful ballgown for the Summer ball which involved a fully draped bodice with a very basic skirt from a pattern made from chiffon in red. I loved it and everyone else was amazed by it. I love red. The post can be found here: To the ball again.


I also draped a floral shirtwaister dress based off the amazing costumes of Call the Midwife. I had looked at some pictures of a similar style, but I didn’t want to search for a pattern and I was sans dressform, so I had to have it pinned to myself at each stage. It was a fun project, and I started loving going off kilter and making it up! The post can be found here.


I also made this awesome yellow jumper dress without a pattern, I absolutely love it, and can’t wait for spring when I can wear it again! Post can be found here.


I was not able to complete point 2, the disney dress list, nor point 4, medieval dress project, nor point 5, Princess Leia, but as I am not attending Comic Con this year, that’s not too surprising.

In regard to Project Belle, my C18th historically inspired ballgown based off the fairytale character Belle, I haven’t progressed much further than detailed here, as I severely underestimated how busy I was going to be!

I made a Jackie O inspired Pink tweed suit, made from Linton Tweed! It was very exciting! Haven’t had a chance to dress up as Lady Penelope for anything though, which is a shame! The post can be found here.


However, I have also made many summer style dresses and a bright red circle skirt which I was planning on wearing for Christmas (but I wore a new shop bought dress instead).

WP_20150803_19_56_24_Pro[1] WP_20150624_17_04_45_Pro WP_20150624_16_53_22_Pro WIN_20150607_153953 IMG-20151215-WA0001IMG_8466 IMG_8283 20150316_175718

So, I have made a lot this year! Just not a lot from my plan!

Taking into account how little I have achieved over the last semester, I expect that I will have as little time to sew next semester as I have done this, so my Plan for 2016 is a lot simpler!

  1. I want to finish Project Belle! 
  2. I’ll be attending a wedding in July. I need a beautiful dress for that!
  3. My friend and I are attending Comic Con this summer, so we will need to plan our costumes. The current plan is to attend as Missy from Doctor Who, so I might need to sew something for that!
  4. In all honesty, my plan this year is: Whatever I have time for!

I am accepting my limited time for sewing as I come to the end of my student years, and am scaling down appropriately in preparation for full time work next year!

I hope 2016 is marvellous and whatever you make it to be!

Happy New Year!

Bea 🙂




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