Just call me in the 1960’s

So, I managed to actually find enough time to put together a skirt! Granted, I was supposed to be reading a stack of papers on the development of adolescent cognition…. but semantics. Instead, I found myself procrastinating after work by digging through my fabric stash.

Do you ever just start going through your fabric drawers going ‘when on earth did I get this?’ and ‘Was there ever a plan for this??’ because it has been so long since I went through my stash more than superficially! While investigating the hidden depths of the Fabric Ottoman, I came across a stretch of leftover red fabric from my red balldress I made last summer (Post here). or at least, i think that’s where it was from…

Overcome with curiosity, I decided to see if I had enough for a pencil skirt by digging out the Simple Sew Lottie Pattern and laying the pattern pieces out….

I’m sure you can guess the rest of the story.

I had JUST enough, well, not enough for a waistband, and…well….I had started, I may as well carry on! An hour or two later, I was unpicking a zip from a commercially made pencil skirt I have plans of turning into a waistcoat, and inserting said zip into my brand new red pencil skirt!


As I didn’t have enough for a pre-cut waistband, I simply roll-hemmed the top no more than a centimeter to enclose all the horrible fraying edges. So, all very smart looking.


Then I tried it on. Apparently I have lost a considerable amount of weight since I last made this skirt! I had cut a size 10 from the fabric, but I ended up needing to take the skirt in almost an inch either side in order to get it to fit my hips! As wonderful as the weight loss is, I expect that once exams are over I shall put it all back on again so I left the taken in seams in case I need to take the skirt out again in a few months.

Double rolled the hem, ended up having to take a lot off the bottom because I am short. Ironically enough to have put that as the waistband but never mind.

And voila, knee length bright red pencil skirt  after work on a Thursday night during exam period!




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