Simply Me.

As a final year university student, I need a distraction from the monotony of life spent pouring over books, and articles, and SPSS in the library. And I have found my distraction in a variety of ways.

Primarily, I love to sew. I started sewing when I was 17 because I was bored after the exams had finished and I needed something to cure my itchy fingers. Now, I can’t imagine not having designated ‘sewing spaces’ and more fabric than I know what to do with.

I mostly sew for myself (apologies, I am a selfish sewer!), or for a few of my friends. But I have recently decided I quite like quilting.

My current project list is longer than I can remember (Seriously, I keep opening my fabric stash and going ‘oh! I forgot I was going to make that!’) however, I can definitely say that the most current BIG project, is an 18th Century inspired balldress for Belle from Beauty and the Beast (can be found at Part 1). However, I generally complete a dress/something in a day amongst the projects and post them up individually.

My second True Love, is travelling! I post my holidays, and dream of seeing the world in the Wanderlust pages!



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